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Specialty chemical are those raw materials mainly characterized on the basis of their performance and functionality. Actually, as specialty and catalyst chemicals we can have single and well defined chemical entities or formulations whose composition influences the performance and processing of the end product. Testing and approve a specialty chemical which is going to be implemented in the manufacturing process is so important as it is choosing and qualifying the producer of this raw material, visit its facilities and maintain a double-direction cooperation; this will bring to the best results.
The current globalization is forcing all players to enlarge the supply chain in order to achieve the best competitiveness and the right performance for their raw materials. Tecnosintesi is the right partner to provide innovative technical solutions and service for important components like specialty chemicals and catalyst agents.

Product:CAS Number:
ATO, Antimony trioxide Catalyst (Several Grades)  1309-64-4
AZO Active Zinc Oxide (BET 55 m2/gr)  1314-13-2
BPO Benzoyl peroxide  94-36-0
DMIP Dimethyl Isophthalate  1459-93-4
GeO2, Germanium Dioxide Catalyst 1310-53-8
MBTO Monobutyltin Oxide 2273-43-0
P2S5 Phosphorus Pentasulfide  1314-80-3
PET/TiO2 MB (for PET based applications)
PBT/TiO2 MB (for PET based applications)
PET & Modified PET Catalyst Agents  
Tartaric Acid L(+) 87-69-4
TCP Tricalciumphosphate  1306-06-5
Titanates TIPT - TnBT


This business sector is always in on-going development, and day after day, Tecnosintesi and McKinn are strengthening cooperations with worldwide specialty and catalyst chemicals producers.
Get in contact with us to see how we can propose you a competitive alternative solution for your business.

Ammonium Polyphosphate and Flame Retardancy Raw Materials

Flame Retardancy

APP, Ammonium Polyphosphate and
CP70, Chlorinated Paraffin Wax 70%
Tecnosintesi SpA is actively developing
Raw Materials for intumescing coating

Zinc Oxide, Green Seal, Gold Seal

Green Seal Zinc Oxide

... a chemically pure Zinc Oxide, produced
from zinc metal and used for rubber
industry as well as Chemical Intermediate

Master Batch used in the production of non-woven fabrics

TiO2/PET Master Batch

TiO2 Master Batch is an active
Master Batch used in several
Polyethylene Terephthalate applications.