Tecnosintesi’s main activities...

...sourcing and qualification of checmical raw materials

Distribution and Trading of chemical raw materials.  Tecno Sintesi deals with bulk supply of commodities, specialties, additives, intermediates, metal derivatives and catalyst agents. Liquid and solid. Tecno Sintesi follows up on all steps involved in a raw material order since shipment until delivery to customer, monitoring logistic process and keeping the customer informed on current order situation.

Sourcing and Qualification. TecnoSintesi assists small, middle size and even big multinational companies to enlarge supply options while maintaining the highest quality standards. TecnoSintesi, through McKinn International partnership, performs searching and qualification of new suppliers, on-site manufacturing plant audit, technical documentation and packaging control, pre-shipment samples and check on compliance with EU regulations. All these steps to bring to the customer the best possible choice, increasing customer competitiveness.

Technical Assistance. Tecno Sintesi helps those customers with special needs in quality, product specification, packaging or labeling requirements to achieve its goals.

Marketing of Specialties from Europe to China Marketing of Specialties from Europe to China. The target for many European Companies is ENTER into the fast-growing Chinese Market. The best way to achieve this goal is, of course, having the right partner working at your side. Anyone knows that China is now the second largest economy in the world and is going to became the first one in few years; it is not just the right place to obtain important raw materials, but also a strategic market for the petrochemical and chemical industry. When facing the idea to promote some specialty in China, the main difficulties experienced by Companies are communication, finding the right staff with chemical background, the cost to keep marketing personal in main business cities, the right strategy, market knowledge and differences in culture. Our Company is working promoting and selling commodities and specialties in SEA since many years; marketing office in Shanghai, Shanghai, Chinese speaking staff, chemical and petrochemical background and deep market knowledge. Many international players have already trusted in our capacity and they have achieved their goal!
If you have specialty products and technologies. and you want to sell it in China, TecnoSintesi and McKinn can help you!

Ammonium Polyphosphate and Flame Retardancy Raw Materials

Flame Retardancy

APP, Ammonium Polyphosphate and
CP70, Chlorinated Paraffin Wax 70%
Tecnosintesi SpA is actively developing
Raw Materials for intumescing coating

Zinc Oxide, Green Seal, Gold Seal

Green Seal Zinc Oxide

... a chemically pure Zinc Oxide, produced
from zinc metal and used for rubber
industry as well as Chemical Intermediate

Master Batch used in the production of non-woven fabrics

TiO2/PET Master Batch

TiO2 Master Batch is an active
Master Batch used in several
Polyethylene Terephthalate applications.