Synthetic Tartaric Acid

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L (+) Tartaric acid is a natural occurring chemical, derived from grapes and some other fruit, and it is mainly used as acidulant in the beverage industry.
L (+) Tartaric acid, CAS: 87-69-4 can also be produced industrially, through an enantioselective synthesis process; maintaining all the characteristics of the natural occurring product, but with a more competitive level.
Our synthetic L (+) Tartaric Acid, is an high-quality product and has a specific optical rotation [α] 25 °D of +12.0° to +13°, it is extensively used in many industries, such as food, pharmaceutical industry, chemical and building material industries.
Synthetic L (+) Tartaric Acid is made under GMP and meets the most demanding international quality standards including Food Chemicals Codex, the U.S. and the British Pharmacopoeia.

Product:   L (+) Tartaric Acid
Specific Rotation [a]D25℃  +12 - +13
Purity % (dry) 99.7% ~ 100.5%
Heavy Metal(as Pb)mg/kg  10 Max
Loss on drying  0.2 Max
Particle size (<63Micro)  98.7 Min
Anti-caking agent  on request


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