Tecnosintesi's Business Partners

McKinn International Pte Ltd

McKinn International LogoMcKinn International is the main business partner of Tecnosintesi; both companies work in perfect synergy, sharing experiences, competencies and market knowledge. 

McKinn International is owned and managed by Mr Chau Tak Vui, a former colleague and a good friend of Mr. Budi; McKinn was incorporated in Singapore on May 2003, and has now offices in Singapore, Shanghai and Malaysia. McKinn International represents well known and reputable chemical producers, and promotes and distributes their products in the region.

McKinn International carries out several activities like: international sourcing, procurement and distribution of chemicals and specialty chemicals, qualification of suppliers, on-site plant audit, management and execution of orders, pre-shipment inspections to Europe and, of course, marketing in the Asia Pacific region of specialties from Europe.

McKinn International is managed by a team of experienced professionals, all of them with chemical background and are fluent in Chinese and English, thus assuring Customers all over the world, quality services and quality products at all times. McKinn International is an ISO9001 certified company.

Doobon Inc.

Doobon Inc LogoDoobon Inc Is a Korean company, that produces a series of important and fast growing additives for polymers, like PVC, PP, PE, PS. Tecnosintesi is the exclusive agent and distributor for Europe, Russia, North America and Middle East.
Doobon inc. is a technology-centered company with more than 25 patents; it can also be defined as an environment-friendly and bio-oriented chemical manufacturer, with plans to become a well recognized global player. Since 1992, when the company started polymer additives production, the company has accumulated important core competence on manufacturing various kind of plastic additives and other chemical products like TCP (Tricalcium phosphate), Synthesized Hydrotalcite, Non-halogen flame retardant etc. All these chemicals are distributed under an exclusivity agreement by Tecnosintesi Italy. 

Winkem Co. Ltd.

WINKEM logoWinkem is Tecnosintesi's Korean partner for sourcing and qualification of Korean Chemical suppliers, distribution of chemicals and specialty chemicals in South Korea, on-site plant audit, sample shipment, management and execution of orders, and project development in Korea. This company is owned by Mr Tae Shin Park, a good friend of Mr Franco Budi and Mr Chau Tak Vui. Thanks to the establishment of this partnership, Tecnosintesi has direct access to main and most reliable Korean and Thailandese Chemical Raw Materials producers.

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11 May 2015

Thanks for visiting us at Plast!

Tecnosintesi Thanks all the people that visited our booth at Plast 2015. It has been a pleasure having the chance to meet You. Thanks.

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22 Nov 2014

Tecnosintesi will participate at Plast 2015

Tecnosintesi will participate at PLAST 2015 in Milan. You’ll be welcome to visit our booth.

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15 Jan 2014

Distribution Agreement, Eurochemicals Portugal

Tecnosintesi is Eurochemicals Portugal Exclusive Distributor for Pine Rosins.

Sourcing of Chemical Raw Materials

We help you sourcing your Raw Materials

Thanks to our Market expertise and International partnerships, we will be glad to help you sourcing chemical raw materials as we have done already with several European companies

Tecnosintesi enlarges your supply options while maintaining the highest quality standards. The best option for your chemical sourcing is Tecnosintesi