APP - Ammonium Polyphosphate...

      ... halogen-free flame retardant...

Ammonium Polyphosphate (APP), Cas No 68333-79-9, is an environment-friendly and halogen-free flame retardant. APP is the main constituent of many intumescent flame retardant systems: coatings, paints and engineering plastics.
For the chemical point of view, Ammonium Polyphosphate is an inorganic salt of polyphosphoric acid and ammonia. Depending on the polymerization degree, there are two main families of ammonium polyphosphate: Crystal phase I APP (or APP I), and Crystal phase II APP (or APP II).
- APP phase I has a short and linear chain (n < 100), it is more water sensitive (hydrolysis) and less thermally stable; actually it begins to decompose at temperatures above 150 °C.
- The second family of Ammonium polyphosphate is the APP Phase II; which has an high polymerization degree, with n>1000, its structure is cross linked (branched), and it is an high-quality non-halogenated flame retardant. APP phase II, Ammonium polyphosphate, has an higher thermal stability (the decomposition starts at approximately 300°C) and lower water solubility than APP I.

Tecnosintesi Ammonium Polyphosphate, phase II APP, Cas No 68333-79-9:
Tecnosintesi APP phase II is a fine-particle ammonium polyphosphate which has been developed in accordance with requirements of all main European end-users. The product is suitable for water and solvent based intumescent coatings. It has low water solubility which makes it useful in application where the product is exposed to high humidity conditions or water. Our Ammonium Polyphosphate contains 72.5% of phosphorus (as P2O5) which makes it a very effective fire retardant. APP phase II is probably one of the most effective non-halogen fire retardants in the market.
Main Applications:
Solvent based and Water based intumescent coatings.
Flame retardant for polyurethanes.
Flame retardant for unsaturated polyesters.
Flame retardant for epoxies.
Flame retardant for acrylics.

Product:   Ammonium Polyphosphate phase-II -Cas No 68333-79-9
Appearance  White free-flowing powder
Whiteness  92.0 Min
pH (10% slurry -25°C)  5.5-7.5
Acid Value, KOH mg/1g   1.0 Max
Solubility in water (25°C), g/100ml H2O  0.50 Max
Nitrogen, w/w%  14.0-15.0
Phosphorus (P), w/w% 31.0-32.0
Thermal decomposition onset, °C 285 Min
Average Particle Size, D50, µm About 15


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