SHT, Synthetic Hydrotalcite

... additive stabilizer for PVC and Polyolefins...

In nature, Hydrotalcite is a natural mineral composed by magnesium and aluminum with a layer structure. Its formula is as follows:
Because of its natural characteristics, Hydrotalcite has been synthesized for pharmaceutical applications firstly, as medical antacid agent; and after that, the main application for SHT became the plastic industry, as stabilizer additive for PVC and Polyolefins.

In PVC applications, Synthtic Hydrotalcite, is an effective heat stabilizer and it neutralizes HCl which can occur in PVC by ion exchange reactions. In Polyolefin, PP and PE applications, Synthtic Hydrotalcite works as a ion (halogen) scavenger, acid stabilizer, through deactivation of the residual quantities of acidic substances associated with acid catalysts used in polymerization.
The main advantage of STH, Synthtic Hydrotalcite is that it can be a perfect substitute to those toxic heavy metals used as plastic additives: lead, cadmium, barium, etc.

Tecnosintesi, the exclusive distributor for European, Middle East and North American Markets of Doobon Synthetic Hydrotalcite, distributes three different grades:
CLC-120, for PE, PP, polyolefine applications.
Polylizer-120 and Polylizer-121 for PVC applications.

Product:   CLC 120 &  Polyizer-120
Moisture  Max 0.5 %
Molar Ratio MgO/AI203 4.0 ~ 5.0
pH(2% Ethanol)  8.0 ~ 9.0
Bulk Density  0.4 ~ 0.5 g/ml
Metal Content Max 10 ppm
Product:   Polyizer-121
Moisture  Max 0.5 %
Molar Ratio MgO/AI203 2.8 ~ 3.2
Molar Ratio ZnO/AI203  0.8 ~ 1.2
pH(2% Ethanol)  8.0 ~ 9.5
Bulk Density  0.3 ~ 0.5 g/ml
Metal Content Max 10 ppm


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