VAM, Vinyl Acetate Monomer

... a key ingredient for industrial processes & consumer products ...

Vinyl acetate, or VAM, CAS 108-05-4, is an essential chemical building block used in a variety of industrial processes as well as consumer products. VAM, Vinyl Acetate Monomer, is an organic compound ( CH3CO2CHCH2 ), which is liquid at a standard temperature, colorless and with a pungent and typical odor.

VAM is produced starting from ethylene and acetic acid with oxygen, and its main application is the production of polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) and polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH or PVA). More than 70% of all VAM produced in the world is used to make these two chemicals. VAM is a key ingredient in emulsion polymers, resins, and intermediates used in paints, adhesives, coatings, textiles, wire and cable polyethylene compounds, laminated safety glass, packaging, automotive plastic fuel tanks and acrylic fibers. .

Product:   VAM, Vinyl Acetate Monomer
Purity **  Min 99.8 %
Color (Pt-Co) Max 10
Specific Gravity  0.930 - 0.934 g/ml
Active Degree Max 690 s
Free Acid (Acetic Acid)  Max 0.0050 %
Water Max 0.040 %
Acetaldehyde  Max 0.0060 %
Butylene Aldehyde Max 0.0010 %
Total Organic Impurity Max 0.100 %
Residue after Evaporating  Max 0.010 %
** Purity is usually in the range of 99.98% min.


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