High Purity Carbon Monoxide

... for most demanding applications ...

Tecnosintesi is a specialized supplier of Carbon Monoxide, CAS: 630-08-0, with very high purity, which is suitable for most demanding applications.
CARBON MONOXIDE, CO, CAS: 630-08-0 consists of one carbon atom and one oxygen atom, connected by a triple bond, and it is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that is a little less dense than air. Carbon Monoxide, CAS: 630-08-0, is an industrial gas that has many applications in bulk chemicals manufacturing.

The largest use of carbon monoxide is, indeed, in the chemical industry where it is used in the synthesis of a wide variety of chemicals such as esters, ketones, aldehydes and glycols, the production of phosgene, a common chemical intermediate. Some types of electronic components, such as reed relay switches, are encapsulated in a glass enclosure, which is sealed by direct heating with a flame. In these cases, it is important that no water is produced in the flame as this would be sealed in the enclosure and lead to failure of the component. Hydrogen and hydrocarbon fuels are therefore not suitable and CO, carbon monoxide CAS: 630-08-0, is used.

Carbon Monoxide is used in relatively large quantities and in a variety of ways in the primary metals industry, and it serves also for the production and regeneration of catalysts such as nickel carbonyl.
For Medical application, CO, Carbon Monoxide, is a component in gas mixtures for lung diffusion.
Carbon Monoxide, CAS: 630-08-0 is a component in laser gas mixtures and in calibration gas mixtures.

During plastic production (e.g. polypropylene, polyethylene, etc.), monomers polymerize to form long hydrocarbon chains through a continuous run. When a process upset occurs, the reaction must be stopped quickly to prevent the reactor from plugging with hardened plastics. For immediate termination of the reaction, Carbon Monoxide and/or Carbon Monoxide-based mixtures are used. The Carbon Monoxide concentration depends on the polymer formed.

Tecnosintesi can supply you high performance and high purity Carbon Monoxide with several different capacity and kind of packaging.

Product:   CO, Carbon Monoxide, CAS: 630-08-0
Available Purity:  99.997%
Available Purity:  99.99%
Available Purity:  99.97%
Available Purity:  99.9%
Available Purity:  99.3%


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